SÄVELLYSKONSERTTI: Union of Precarious Musicians

Union of Precarious Musicians

pe 7. ja la 8. kesäkuuta 2019, klo 19.30
Kirjan talo, Kirjatyöntekijänkatu 10, Helsinki

Lauri Supposen sävellyskonsertti


Lauri Supponen: Union of Precarious Musicians -cycle or Union

A sports commentary on the European labour market for solo percussion
Petteri Kippo

love heavy light
A self-help manual for two performers
Kaisa Kortelainen, Jerry Piipponen

Solsirépifpan or Soon We’ll All Be Busking
A broken & melted set-list for a one-hand band who’d rather stay home and watch the Moomins
Kaaos Ensembe: Martta Jämsä, Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Mikael Rechardt & Jerry Piipponen

Ubi Calamari* (Finnish premiere)
A growth-critical cantata to promote the instatement of Universal Basic Income
Unioni: Martta Jämsä, Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Roosa Lampela, Mikael Rechardt, Maritta Manner, Petteri Kippo, Joonas Pekonen, Joasia Cieslak & Eero Marttila

(*the epilogue of Ubi Calamari will be given after the concert at a location that is announced later)

The performance lasts c. 1 h 30 min without an interval. Tickets at the door for 5/10€

Martta Jämsä, flute
Kaisa Kortelainen, flute
Anna-Sofia Anttonen, saxophone
Roosa Lampela, trombone
Mikael Rechardt, guitar
Maritta Manner, piano
Petteri Kippo, percussion
Jerry Piipponen, percussion
Joonas Pekonen, violin
Joasia Cieslak, cello
Eero Marttila, contrabass