Nordic Music Days 2019 Bodø

Open to composers from or permanently residing in one of the Nordic countries. Max. 2 submissions per composer.

Register and send your work to before October 15th.


Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta
max. 15  musicians

Fl, cl, str quartet, cb, pno, perc

Esbjerg Ensemble
max. fl, ob, cl, bsn, hrn, str quartet, perc.

Chamber music
works for 1-3 players (electronics possible)

Vocal Art –
six singers (SSMTBB)

Works for amateur choir

Works for children’s choir 

Electro-acoustic works. (We can offer up to a 24 channels array of speakers that can be used for multichannel music.)

Installations and related projects and expressions

Composer-performer. (i.e: electronica, performance)

Also possible: works that you feel are strongly connected to the festival theme. (any instruments)

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