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All applicants born on June 15th 1989 or after are eligible. You can also apply if you are a full-time student on June 15th 2019, and you do not have a previous Master’s degree in music or the arts. The applicants must either have Finnish citizenship or be residents in Finland. Citizens or residents of other Nordic countries can apply to their respective call for works in DenmarkIcelandNorway, or Sweden.

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Osmose Intermezzo 2019

The call is open to composers of any nationality and age. Pieces should be written for professionnal duo clarinet Bb and violoncello. Submitted work must be premiered work in Belgium. Participation fee 20 € per submission.

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Riikka Talvitie: Radioessee Hiljainen tieto

Radioessee Hiljainen tieto

Yle Radio 1, Radio Variaatio, klo 18

Fàtima Boix Cánto, es-clarinet
Pirjo Virtanen, alkuperäiskansatutkija


Jarkko Hartikainen: EMBODIED: Soprano + Violin

EMBODIED: Soprano + Violin

Institut finlandais, Pariisi

Meeri Pulakka, sopraano
Eriikka Maalismaa, viulu


Kalevi Aho: Solo XIII pasuunalle

Solo XIII pasuunalle

Risuonanze-festivaali, Pasian di Prato, Italia

Rocco Rescigno, pasuuna


Miika Hyytiäinen: [kolme uutta teosta]

Cité internationale des arts, Pariisi, Ranska

Impossibilities of 3/6/2019
Dejana Sekulic, viulu
Miika Hyytiäinen, video

Les Indes Galantes
Meeri Pulakka, laulu
Dejana Sekulic, viulu

Meeri Pulakka, laulu
Dejana Sekulic, viulu



Kilpailut Info Deadline

XXXI International Competition for the Original Composition for Bands

Entry fee 50 € per each submission. The Competition is open to compositions freely based on any musical form and theme, with or without instrumental or vocal soloists; choirs and instruments not normally used in bands, including electronic instruments, may be included in the score as well.

Rules and regulations

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ORDA 2019 Composition Competition

Open to composers of any nationality and age. Submission fee 31,50 €.

Rules and regulations

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Progressive Classical Music Award 2019

Composers of all countries and all ages are welcome to participate at the Progressive Classical Music Award (PCMA).  The work has to be composed for this competition. Adaptions or arrangements are not permitted. Participation fee of 15 € for each composition.


Progressive Classical Music Award 2019

Open to composers of any nationality and age. Entry fee 15 er submission.

Rules and regulations

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1st International Eisenach Composition Prize for Orchestra

Minimum age of the composer at the time of submission is 20 years.

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The competition is open to unpublished works by composers of any nationality and of any age.

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“Torre della Quarda” Composition Competition

The competition is open to all nationalities with no age limit and with limitless styles of composition.

The candidates for the participation in the competition must pay a fee, under title of a donation, as a reimbursement of expenses of:
15 Euros (not refundable) for section 1 (chamber music)
20 Euros (not refundable) for section 2 (string quartet)
15 Euros (not refundable) for section 3 (organ)

Rules and regulations

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Seitakuoro: Uutta kamarikuoromusiikkia pohjoiseen

Open to composers of any nationality and age.

Further information (in Finnish)

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15th "Pablo Sorozabal" International String Quartet Composition Competition

The competition is open to composers of any nationality or origin born after 1st January 1984. No limitations in the amount of submissions. Works may not have been published and they may not have won any prizes before.

Further information

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XII International Composition Competition “Francisco Escudero”

Open to all composers. Entry fee 30 €.

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Lauri Kilpiön sävellyskonsertti

ke 29.5.2019 klo 20
Temppeliaukion kirkko, Lutherinkatu 3, Helsinki
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Narrative Topography II (2014) uruille, kesto noin 13′. Petros Paukkunen, urut

Poème de jeux acoustiques (2009) klavikordille, kesto noin 10′. Ere Lievonen, klavikordi

Chants de joie, fureur et danger – Poème de jeux acoustiques II (2016) kitaralle, kesto noin 15′. Jyrki Myllärinen, kitara.

VÄLIAIKA 20 minuuttia

Mustan veden yli – yksinäytöksinen nelikohtauksinen kamariooppera (2018) sopraanolle, baritonille, ääninauhalle, klarinetille, lyömäsoittimille, pianolle ja sellolle, kesto noin 52′. Ooppera esitetään konserttiversiona ilman näyttämöllepanoa. Tuuli Lindeberg, sopraano, Jussi Lehtipuu, baritoni, Mikko Raasakka, klarinetit, Antti Ohenoja, lyömäsoittimet, Emil Holmström, piano, Markus Hohti, sello, Taavi Oramo, kapellimestari.


SÄVELLYSKONSERTTI: Union of Precarious Musicians

Union of Precarious Musicians

pe 7. ja la 8. kesäkuuta 2019, klo 19.30
Kirjan talo, Kirjatyöntekijänkatu 10, Helsinki

Lauri Supposen sävellyskonsertti


Lauri Supponen: Union of Precarious Musicians -cycle or Union

A sports commentary on the European labour market for solo percussion
Petteri Kippo

love heavy light
A self-help manual for two performers
Kaisa Kortelainen, Jerry Piipponen

Solsirépifpan or Soon We’ll All Be Busking
A broken & melted set-list for a one-hand band who’d rather stay home and watch the Moomins
Kaaos Ensembe: Martta Jämsä, Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Mikael Rechardt & Jerry Piipponen

Ubi Calamari* (Finnish premiere)
A growth-critical cantata to promote the instatement of Universal Basic Income
Unioni: Martta Jämsä, Anna-Sofia Anttonen, Roosa Lampela, Mikael Rechardt, Maritta Manner, Petteri Kippo, Joonas Pekonen, Joasia Cieslak & Eero Marttila

(*the epilogue of Ubi Calamari will be given after the concert at a location that is announced later)

The performance lasts c. 1 h 30 min without an interval. Tickets at the door for 5/10€

Martta Jämsä, flute
Kaisa Kortelainen, flute
Anna-Sofia Anttonen, saxophone
Roosa Lampela, trombone
Mikael Rechardt, guitar
Maritta Manner, piano
Petteri Kippo, percussion
Jerry Piipponen, percussion
Joonas Pekonen, violin
Joasia Cieslak, cello
Eero Marttila, contrabass



Tampering Festival



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